Get Your Free Behuret Subdomain

This page will allow you to request your own Behuret subdomain. Behuret subdomains are provided free of charge on a first come, first served basis. This offer is exclusively reserved to people with the surname ‘Behuret’ or ‘Béhuret’.

The subdomain that you request should be one of your first name or a combination thereof (e.g. or You can request both accented (‘behuret’) and non-accented (‘béhuret’) versions of the Behuret domain. Likewise, if your subdomain includes accented letters, you can request both accented and non-accented subdomains by providing in the additional comments section any alternative spellings that you wish to request along with your main subdomain. If you would like to be included in the Behuret subdomain directory at, please note that only your main subdomain will be listed.

If you require a specific configuration (e.g. NS and MX records, dynamic IP, etc.) or multiple records for your subdomain, please provide the details in the additional comments section.

By submitting a request to get your own Behuret subdomain, you agree that a member of the team will contact you and ask you to provide a proof of your name.

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